We have all of the essential technology and machinery to conduct our operations, allowing us to provide comprehensive ‘in-house’ services. This minimizes our reliance on external suppliers, ensuring that repair projects are not delayed.

Banco de pruebas eolicare_01

Test Bench

Damped bench

Max Voltage: 14400V (AC) / 750V (DC)

Max Power: 500 KVA

Test Equipment:

Hipot Tester – 10KV → Surge Tester – 10KV

Micro Ohmetro – 10KV → Thermal Camera

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Banco de pruebas eolicare_04

Winding Line

Winder - Max. Development 2500mm

Coil Opener

Taping Robot

Coil consolidation press - Max. Development 2500mm

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Linea de bobinado eolicare_02
Linea de bobinado eolicare_03
Linea de bobinado eolicare_04
Hornos eolicare_01


Pyrolytic - 3500X1800X2000mm

Pyrolytic - Max. Temp. 450°C

Electric - 4500x200x2500 mm

Electric (Curing) - Max. Temp. 150°C

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Hornos eolicare_03
Hornos eolicare_04


Max Load: 10TN

Belt drive

Piezoelectric sensors

Equilibradora eolicare_01
Equilibradora eolicare_02
Equilibradora eolicare_03
Equilibradora eolicare_04
VPI eolicare_01

VPI (Vacuum Pressure Impregnation)

Volume: 9.5 m3

Dimensions: Ø2000x3000mm

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VPI eolicare_03
VPI eolicare_04

Bearing puller

Extraction power - 50 TN

Induction bearing heater

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Extractor rodamientos eolicare_02
Extractor rodamientos eolicare_03
Extractor rodamientos eolicare_04
Area lavado y desguace eolicare_01

Washing and scrapping area

Pressure washer

Sandblasting machine

Area lavado y desguace eolicare_02
Area lavado y desguace eolicare_03
Area lavado y desguace eolicare_04

Paint booth

Dimensions - 4x4m

Paint residue extractor

cabina de pintura
cabina de pintura eolicare
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Cabina pintura eolicare_03
Grua puente eolicare_01

6x Bridge cranes

1x 20/6,3 tn

1x 12/12 tn

1x 12/6 tn

1x 3 tn

1x 3,2 tn

Grua puente eolicare_02
Grua puente eolicare_03
Grua puente eolicare_04

Electric cart

Dimensions - 2x4m

Tara Max - 16 TN

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Carreton electrico eolicare_02
Carreton electrico eolicare_03
Carreton electrico eolicare_04

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